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Introduction on Alabama Bill of Sale

If anyone wants to buy or sell any property or motor vehicle, it requires a legal document through which the title or ownership of the property can be transferred. The law of the state provides certain regulations for the transfer. A sale deal without proper documents proves weak in the eyes of law.  Click here to download and print the free Alabama bill of sale form template.

So the state provides the Alabama Bill of Sale Form, which is the legal document for the sale of any property or transfer of ownership. It is required for the sale of any kind of movable or immovable property including, motor vehicle, boat, or gun.

This legal document stands as proof of the transfer of title. The state of Alabama mentions specific requirements for drafting a Bill of sale. A mere document of sale like an invoice is not accepted, as the transfer of title. If you are buying a new vehicle then the motor vehicle dealer provides a Bill of sale on purchase. There are various templates for the bill of sale.

What is a general printable bill of sale in Alabama?

The free general Alabama Bill of Sale is a legal document that transfers ownership of the property from one person to another. There are two parties in the bill. First is the buyer who will get the ownership of the property, and the second is the seller who will transfer his ownership to the buyer. The third essential element of the bill is a consideration that the buyer pays for acquiring the title of the property.

A single sale bill does not serve the purpose of the transfer for every kind of property. So there are several types of bills used in the state for the transfer of title. But the most commonly used bills are those designed for the sale of personal and commercial vehicles, boats, and guns.

The Alabama Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form is a legal document that proves the sale and purchase of any type of vessel or motor vehicle, between an individual and entity or two individuals.

This document is used for the transfer of title with the Division of Motor Vehicle. It is also important that the vehicle must be registered within 20days of purchase in the state. It is the auto bill of sale or the bill of sale for cars in Alabama.

What are the requirements of the Alabama bill of sale DMV?

The bill of sale must have information about the buyer, seller, and property being transferred. Even if the transfer of property is a gift, it requires the use of a bill of sale. The description of the property must be provided in the bill like a serial number or model number.

The price for which the property is transferred is also important. The date and place of payment are essential in every document. Further, if there are any additional terms and conditions regarding the transfer, then that should also be included. Above all, the bill should be clearly printed, and both the party must agree to the bill.

The automobile bill of sale requires some additional information with regard to the general bill of sale. A general bill of sale can also be used for the transfer of any property, including a motor vehicle, boat, or gun with details and descriptions about the vehicle.

New vehicles must be registered within 20 days of their purchase by new owners. For this, you need to carry a bill of sale, a copy of liability insurance, the title, and the registration fee.

Following are the requirements for registering a vehicle:

  1. According to Section 810-5-1-.247, for the first time registration in Alabama, the new owner must undergo
  2. Vehicle Identification Inspection (VIN). Then a licensed official must complete the Form (MVT-5-10).
  3. To register, you must go to the County Title & Registration Office in your area.
  4. The new owner must also have Liability Insurance – As of January 1, 2013; and a replacement title application should be filed if there is no title at the Public Title Portal. Form MVT 12-1 is required in case of no title.

How to Write Alabama Bill of Sale?

The automobile sale bill of sale needs some additional information than that required in the general Bill of sale. It requires the inclusion of VIN, make, model, and the year of the vehicle. Also, the date of sale and location of sale hold significance. In the case of the abandoned vehicle, state law requires you to give a 30 days notice to the vehicle owner before selling by sending Form MVT 32-13R via certified mail.

If any lienholder, then he must be sent certified mail. The information about the lienholder must be mentioned in the bill. It is also important the document includes printed names and addresses of both parties. This is the step by step description for writing the sale bill:

  • The seller’s name and physical address
  • The purchaser’s name and physical address
  • A consideration, the amount for which the vehicle was purchased.
  • Description of Vehicle
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Odometer Reading
  • Body Type
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Location, County, and the mode of payment.
  • The last line, promises that the information on the document is true.
  • Completed with the date and signature of the seller.

With all this information you can completely write a Bill of sale.

Example of Alabama motor vehicle bill of sale

alabama bill of sale

Click here to download and print the free Alabama bill of sale form template.


Bill of sale Alabama template can help you draft the bill easily. Free Bill of Sale for car, is available on the website. If the information is genuine, then it is easy to get a vehicle registered as well as transferred. A Printable Bill of sale form is available which can be printed and filed with the registrar.

The Bill of sale format is similar for the transfer of any kind of property, the only requirement of additional information in the case of motor vehicles, boats, and guns. You must remember to register within 20days of purchase in case of purchase of new vehicles. The proper document will help in the further transfer of title if required.

If you have more information please go to the Alabama Department of Revenue – The Motor Vehicle Division

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